Google Analytics

Koliseo is integrated with Google Analytics, a set of analysis tools to track traffic to your web pages. You can now get traffic data from your event pages into your Analytics dashboard.

To enable this feature in your Koliseo profile page click Edit profile and select the Advanced tab. Introduce your Analytics Tracker ID and click Save. You can check the configuration by opening the real-time reports in Google Analytics.

Recorded data

After your Google Analytics ID has been successfully configured any visit to your events or user profile page will be recorded. You can choose how to take advantage of these statistics:

  • Offline ad campaigns (radio, TV) can be compared with the traffic flow to identify working patterns.
  • Track online sources such as blogs and social networks linking to your event page.
  • Correlate pricing to changes in your conversion rate.
  • Analyze the events that are getting most attention and identify why.
  • Compare your weekly increase of traffic
You can get more information at the Google Analytics Help Center.