Creating an event

To create an event page click on Create event at the top menu bar. After introducing the event name, you can start adding details such as the description or background image.

The event page will tell you the missing steps until your event is ready to start selling.

Event description

You can introduce a rich text event description by selecting Edit » Edit Description. Here you can write using the text box in the left hand side, while seeing a live preview on the right side of the screen.

Events with an empty description will have a default text so you can tweak it. If you need to see the available syntax, there is a Help button at the bottom of the screen.


Add some context to your event by setting up an awesome background image. New events will be assigned a random image from the default portfolio, but you can change that using the Edit » Edit Photo menu option, which opens the Photo Manager.

In the Photo Manager you can choose one of the default photos available or upload your own. When using your own pictures, keep in mind that:

  • Not all screen sizes are the same: users will arrive using their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Do not expect a concrete screen size, as your image will be expanded or reduced as necessary to fit a user screen that may be in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Use a high-resolution image: small images are likely to get blurry or pixelated when scaling up. Try to use images between 1024 and 1280 pixels wide, in 16:9 format. We will make this image smaller before sending it to small devices (smartphones and tablets) to save bandwidth for users using 3G.
  • Do not use text in your image: because of the points above, your text is most likely going to get out of the screen for the majority of your users. Please use the description and logos for that.
  • Use only contents for which you have the right permissions: we will remove any photos with a reported copyright or trademark claim.


You can add logos to be displayed at the end of the event page. Select Edit » Edit Logos and start by introducing a logo category. You can use "Sponsors" and "Organizers", or go into more detail with Silver, Gold and Platinum Sponsors. Once introduced the categories, you can start uploading the logos and introducing an (optional) company name and website URL.

Your event logos will be displayed at the bottom of the event page, in the configured size for each category. Empty logo categories will display a "to be announced" message.

Next steps

Once you are done introducing your event details, you are ready to go to the Dates and Prices tab.