Dates and prices

After introducing the event details, your event is ready to specify the dates and places where it's going to take place.

Click the Dates and Prices tab to specify the date, time and location of this event. You can introduce multiple dates by clicking the Add new Date button, each with an optional end time.

You can introduce the name of the venue directly as a location, as most well-known venues are recognized and displayed correctly in the map.

When you are ready, click Save to start introducing ticket prices.

Ticket prices

All events start with a single ticket price of 10€, that can be edited to specify as many ticket types as needed, each with a different price and number of tickets on sale.

The fee applied by Koliseo will get updated as you make changes to these values. You can choose to display this fee to the end user by changing the value of the Fee paid by field. Free tickets (where the price is zero) will not have any fee charged. More details about our fees here.

Limited availability

You can select the Limited availability checkbox to set the date interval where this ticket type will be available, for example for early bird tickets. Start and end dates are optional and can be left empty. Ticket types that have expired will be visible but unavailable, and ticket types available at a future date will not be displayed until then.

Clone date

There are events that repeat periodically in a date interval (like: "Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5 p.m.; Saturdays at 8 p.m."). This can be done by selecting a date and using the Clone tab to create multiple copies on the specified days. Just specify the start and end date, check the week days and click Clone. New copies will be created for these days using the configured ticket prices.

Start selling

Once you are ready to start selling click Back and click the Resume selling button. Congratulations! You are already selling.