You can get your users the benefit of discounts over the marked price of the ticket. Just select Edit » Discounts tab. Every discount must specify some fields:

  • Name: the identifier of this discount. Your contacts will have to know this name to be able to use this discount, so keep it short and easy to remember - or long and hard to guess, for single-use promotional codes.
  • Expiration date: The date when this discount will be no longer available. Leave empty if the discount does not expire.
  • Max redemptions: The maximum number of times this discount code can be redeemed. Set to 1 for single-use discount codes.
  • Amount: The amount of the discount, which has a different meaning depending on the selected discount type.
PercentageA percentage that will be substracted from the ticket price."10" means "10% over the listed price".
FixedA fixed discount deduced from the purchase total. It is specified in the same currency used by the event. "10" means "10€", if the event uses euros.

The fee applied by Koliseo will be calculated after applying the discount. If the discount is greater than the ticket price, the total amount will be set to zero and no fee will be waived.

Using a discount

When your discount is ready click Back to go to the purchase form and click the link to introduce a promotional code. If the code is correct, the discount will be deduced automatically.