All there is to know about our numbers

We charge a fee of 1€+4% over the ticket price, payment gateway included.

You can choose if you want the ticket buyer or the event organizer to pay the ticket fee. In the first case the fee will be added to the ticket price before paying, otherwise it will be deducted from the ticket price before transferring the funds to the event organizer. For example:

Ticket price Fee Fee paid by Paid by userReceived by organizer
10€ 1.40€ Buyer 11.40€10€
10€ 1.40€ Organizer 10€8.60€

Free tickets are exempt of this fee. If you are not making any income out of your event, we neither.

Who is paying the fee?

You can choose if the fee should be paid by the end user or the organizer. While editing, the fee will be displayed with a sign to illustrate if it will be added to the purchase price or substracted when transferring funds to the organizer.

The purchase screen for both cases illustrated above would be displayed as follows: