Restricted events may require an invitation to attend. This can be done in the Invitations tab of your performance by selecting the by invitation only checkbox. This checkbox can be cleared later to open the event again to the public.

Clicking the Add invitations button will display a form with the following fields:

  • E-Mail addresses (required): a comma-separated list of e-mail addresses that will receive the invitations.
  • Message (optional): a personalized message to send with the invitation mail.
  • Discount (optional): an existing discount code to attach with the invitation.
  • Expiration date (optional): if specified, the date after which this invitation will no longer be valid. It is in general considered good practice to associate an expiration date with all invitations, since it helps to better plan for the event attendance.

Clicking the Send button will create and send a different invitation code for each e-mail address. This invitation list below can be used to check the state, resend or delete invitations (if they have not been accepted yet).

Invitation e-mail

The invitation e-mail includes information of the event and a button to send the user to the ticket purchase page handling the invitation and the discount code (if any) transparently.

GMail users may confirm the invitation directly from the inbox list without even opening the e-mail.