Sharing your event

We walk the extra mile to help you get the word out for your events. Here we are going to mention some of the tools we have to do that.

Web Crawlers and SEO

At Koliseo we work hard to improve your positioning in web crawlers like Google or Bing. We present your event using schema formats that can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines, so instead of seeing an abstract web page they can go further and understand an event with photo, description and dates. This same technology also makes your tickets more visible in your mail inbox.

To help your SEO we give you the possibility to reuse the same URL for multiple dates. Just add the new dates and update the event description to include updates for the new year. Using the same URL makes your PageRank stronger with time, instead of having your old and new links competing internally to get the first position in your search results page.

All your events are public by default. If you want to hide your event from public search results, just go to your Advanced tab and click Mark as unlisted. Events with this flag activated will not be displayed in Google search or your user profile page, but users that have the link will still be able to view it. While you are at the Advanced tab, it would be a good idea to change the event URL to something short and easy to remember.

Twitter and Facebook

We are also extending our schema support to some social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Sharing an event will include a small excerpt with the photo and description in your timeline.