Use your cell phone to scan tickets

Koliseo Checkpoint Charlie is the free Android application that validates tickets for your events. To use this application you must have a working Koliseo account with programmed events.

It is important that you log in with the same Google account used to create the events in the first place.

Check-in by checksum

After a successful login, the list of scheduled events will be synchronized with the server. Once this process has finished you will be able to start validating tickets.

Remember to run a synchronization at least once before the event takes place. Koliseo Checkpoint Charlie can run without a working Internet connection, but the list of tickets should be retrieved beforehand.

To validate a ticket by its checksum, go to the ticket list and click the search text box. While you introduce the ticket checksum, the list will be updated to reflect your choice. Click any ticket to show its details and check it in.

Check-in by QR code

You can also validate tickets scanning the QR code from the printed ticket using the camera in your Android device. Just focus your camera on the ticket QR code.