Access Control

You can validate tickets at the entrance to your event printing the list of sold tickets or by using Koliseo Checkpoint Charlie for Android. All tickets include the following items to validate at the access control point:

  1. The ticket type: Indicates the type that was purchased. You should confirm it using your printed list or Koliseo Checkpoint Charlie.
  2. The checksum: This field is automatically generated by the platform, and it should be the same that you have in your sold tickets list. Failure to validate this checksum field indicates a forged ticket.
  3. The QR (Quick Response) Code: contains the checksum value printed in a format that your android device can scan and validate automatically. QR is a type of two-dimensional barcode

Tickets do not have to be printed to be valid. You can check in tickets from a cell phone screen all the same, just by using the security features described here.

The number of people indicated in the ticket should appear at the entrance to the event at the same time with the ticket.

Access control checklist

The following is the non-exhaustive list of things that you should check at the entrance.

  • Use our Android app: You should try Koliseo Checkpoint Charlie. This app makes the ticket validation process much faster, which helps to shorten your lines at the access gate.
  • Always have a backup: Even if you are using Android, you should have a list of sold tickets printed in case your battery dies or the android device fails, specially for big events.
  • Big events, split your queues: When using printed lists, organize your access control by user name (A-M, L-O, etc) to avoid having one single huge queue to manage.
  • Internet Access: You don't need WiFi or 3G while validating tickets with Koliseo Checkpoint Charlie, but that means that you should synchronize your tickets before the event. Be prepared for your Internet connection to collapse during the first minutes of your event.