Users can provide feedback directly from the agenda component in your web page. This page explains how to collect this feedback.

Before you start

To accept feedback about your talks, you need:

  1. A public agenda with feedback enabled.
  2. The agenda component integrated into your web page (read more). Once your users can log in from the agenda component, you are ready to start accepting feedback.

You can see an example of an agenda with feedback here.

The feedback list


Users can provide feedback directly from the JavaScript component for the agenda. To leave feedback, you must first click the Log in button to open a user session.

To make your feedback valuable, the page will warn if the Comment field is empty with a rating of 3 or 4 stars, and require a comment if the rating is below that. All feedback about a speaker is recorded and publicly available on their user profile.


After logging in, users can bookmark talks before the event by clicking the Bookmark button. As the organizer, you can later use this information to put the talks with the most interest in tracks with higher capacity.

What’s next