This page explains how to configure the list of categories and tags that the speakers can associate with their talks in a Request for proposals. These categories can be used later to filter talks in the agenda.

Creating categories

As an example, we are going to configure a request for proposals where talks have assigned a “Talk Level” that can choose between “Beginner”, “Intermediate” or “Advanced”. To do this:

  1. Go to the edit page of your event.
  2. Select the tab Request for proposals and click on your R4P. For instructions about to create your first R4P, click here.
  3. Select the Categories tab and click the Add Category button.
  4. Introduce “Talk Level” in the Category input and “Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced” in the Allowed values field.
  5. Select Required and click the Save button.

The edition page for a category

2To test this newly created category, click the Send your proposal button to make the page show a talk submission form where you can introduce the Talk level.

Filtering using categories

Other users can filter talks by categories using the form at the top of the talk submission page or the published agenda.

The filter UI in the agenda

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