Ticket Classes

This page explains how to set up multiple ticket classes for an event. Each ticket class can have different price, availability dates, and more.

Adding a Ticket Class

All events start with a single ticket class with a cost of 10€. To modify this:

  1. Log into the system

  2. In the sidebar menu, select Events and click on the name of your event to open the event management page.

  3. In the sidebar menu, select Ticket Classes and click the Create Ticket Class button.

    The list of ticket classes

  4. Enter a Name, Total tickets and Price.

  5. To save your changes, click the Save button.

    The ticket class creation page

Limited availability

You can introduce dates in which this ticket class will be available, or set your ticket class to only become available after another is sold out (for example, to sell Normal tickets after Early Bird). These fields can be found in the Availability section.

Note that you can set Visibility to “While Available” to hide any tickets until they become available.

Limiting availability and visibility

To sell paid tickets, you need to connect to your Stripe Account. The proceedings from your ticket sales go directly to your Stripe Account, after deducing a service fee.

Free tickets are exempt from this fee, but keep in mind that they also show a high no-show rate (40-60% is typical). Consider assigning a symbolic price of €3-5 to reduce the no-show rate.

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