Create event

This page explains how to create events. In Koliseo everything is bound to an event: ticket sales, talk proposals and feedback, all require to create a parent event first.

Create your first event

To create an event:

  1. Log into the system
  2. Click the Create new event button in your dashboard.
  3. Introduce a Name and Description and click the Save button.

The event creation page

There are some optional fields in this form to customize the behavior of the event:

  • Max tickets per user is the maximum number of tickets that can be purchased by a single user in one or multiple attempts.
  • Select the Mark as unlisted checkbox if you want your event to not be searchable in tools like Google Search or Bing. Users with the link will still be able to reach the page.
  • Check Notify sales if you want to receive a notification e-mail with each ticket sale.

This information is later editable in the Info tab of the edit page of the event.

Event description

The description of the event uses Markdown syntax to introduce formatting hints like bold or italics. To see the full Markdown syntax, click here

Shortcut Syntax Result
Ctrl+b **Bold text** Bold text
Ctrl+i *Italics text* Italics text
Ctrl+. * Bullets list Bullets list
`Code` Code
[Koliseo](http´╗┐:// Koliseo
# Header 1 # Header 1
## Header 2 ## Header 2
### Header 3 ### Header 3

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