User authentication

This page explains how the authentication and user management system works in Koliseo.

Authentication providers

Koliseo supports four providers to authenticate users into the platform: Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Linkedin. The server will create your user account automatically the first time that you log in. By logging into the platform, you agree to our terms and conditions including our use of Cookies.

The login page

During the authentication process Koliseo will gain access to the following information about your user profile:

  • OAuth id
  • User Name
  • E-mail address
  • Photo

Koliseo will not get access to your contacts or get permissions to do actions on your behalf.

Custom usernames and passwords

Koliseo does not support the creation of custom usernames and passwords. We delegate user authentication to third-party OAuth providers because we believe this is a more secure alternative for managing user credentials. To use the platform, you need an account with one of these providers.

What’s next