Create a call for papers

In order to create an agenda, you first need to create a call for papers where speakers can submit their sessions, introduce their photo, bio and abstract. They can also add their slides and talk recording after the event.

Get started

To create a call for papers:

  1. Log into the system
  2. In the sidebar menu, select Events and click on the name of your event to open the event management page.
  3. In the sidebar menu, select Call for Papers.

  4. Select “Enabled” under Call for Papers Status, fill out the form, and click Save.

    The edition page of a call for papers

This form includes the following fields:

  • Start and End Date: The date interval where the call for papers will be open for submissions.
  • Description: A short description of the call for papers, using Markdown syntax .
  • Blind Sessions: Select this checkbox to hide the presenter name and avatar from the selection committee.
  • Reimbursable Expenses: Select this checkbox to ask the presenters if they want to be compensated for travel and lodging expenses.
  • Recording permission: Select this box to ask your presenters for permission to record their session. If enabled, a recording agreement will be shown to the presenters when they submit their talk proposal.
  • Feedback Enabled: If enabled, attendees will be able to rate and comment the sessions in the agenda.

After saving the call for papers, click the Get Link button at the top of the page and select Call for Papers to get the link to submit a session proposal.

Get the link to the call for papers

Create a session proposal

As a speaker, in the public page of the event you can submit an abstract by clicking the Send Your Proposal button:

The session creation UI

Here you can introduce your information and add additional presenters. If the event can reimburse expenses, the form includes a checkbox to indicate for each presenter if they would request to reimburse expenses, and the location from which they are travelling.

This form includes the following fields:

  • Name: The title of your session.
  • Description: A description of your session, using Markdown syntax .
  • Comments: If you have something that you want to discuss privately with the organizers, you can use this field. What you introduce here will only be seen by the event organizer, and not by the selection committee or the attendees.
  • Tags: You can add tags to your sessions to categorize it and help users find your session in the agenda grid. The event organizer can configure the tagsets available. For more information, see tags.
  • Slides and Video: Can be filled in after the event, to introduce the slides and video to display in the final agenda.

What’s next