In Koliseo everything is bound to an event: ticket sales, talk proposals and feedback all require a parent event first. This section describes how to create and manage your events.

  • Create event

    Create an event to manage ticket sales, organize a request for proposals or collect feedback for an event.

  • Date and Location

    Set up the date and location of an event.

  • Ticket Types

    Set up ticket prices and availability periods for an event.

  • Ticket sales

    Once your event is ready, you can enable the ticket sales to let users attend the event.

  • Discounts

    Create discount codes that can be applied to ticket purchases.

  • Attendee Forms

    Use forms to collect information like T-shirt size or role in the company.

  • Invitations

    Create restricted events that require an invitation to attend.

  • Cloning your event

    Create a duplicate of your event for a different date, replicating ticket types and availability.